Rules of the campsite Causse & Vallées Vacances

Use of outdoor areas :

The swimming pool: Access to the swimming pool can only be tolerated in a calm and respectful environment. The tenant may not authorise access to the pool and the property to a third party without the owner's agreement. The swimming pool is secure but the presence and vigilance of parents remain the only guarantee of safety. It is forbidden to use buckets, shovels or any other object to play in the pool. Obligation to use a towel on deckchairs.

Green spaces: they are at your disposal, please respect them. For smokers, ashtrays are at your disposal, be careful not to throw your cigarette butts on the ground. We decline any responsibility in the event of an accident following the use of materials or toys present in the garden. The use of swings and games is under the supervision and responsibility of parents.

Use of rental premises:

The number of people using the rented accommodation cannot exceed the maximum capacity defined in the descriptive sheet. The tenant may not add additional sleeping accommodation without the owner's agreement. Obligation to ensure that the tranquillity of the neighbourhood is not disturbed. It is forbidden to sleep without sheets and bolster pillowcases, a rental of linen is possible.
The accommodations are rented furnished with kitchen equipment, crockery, glassware, blankets and bolsters, as they are in the descriptive state. All the installations are in working order and inspected during the inventory of fixtures. The tenant undertakes to maintain in perfect condition the sanitary and electrical installations for which he must take all precautions.
All equipment listed in the inventory shall be returned to the place it occupied when entering the premises.

Any repairs made necessary by negligence or misuse during the rental period will be the responsibility of the tenant, both on the premises and on the entire property.

If necessary, the owner or his representative will be entitled to claim from the tenant on departure the price of cleaning the rented premises (fixed at a flat rate of 40€), as well as the total value at the replacement price of the broken objects, furniture or equipment.

Maintenance of rental premises:

On departure, the tenant undertakes to make the rental as clean as he found it on arrival.

Regarding the cleaning, the tenant must:

-> Empty the fridge-freezer, clean it.
-> Put the waste and objects in the containers provided.
-> Empty the ashtrays.
-> Store dishes and materials in the cupboards.
-> In the case of renting sheets, fold them and put them at the foot of the beds.
-> Clean the shower and mirrors, sink and toilet (products are available at the reception desk).
-> Clean the hob, microwave, coffee maker...
-> Clean cupboards, shelves, table...
-> Clean floors and mop.

The tenant can subscribe to the cleaning option which will be charged on the stay at the price of 40€. The cleaning of the rental will therefore be carried out by us.

Security deposit:

The 50€ security deposit, not cashed, can be paid by cheque or cash. It may be returned on the day of departure and at the latest within one month of rental, except in the event of a deduction. This security deposit is due to the handing over of the keys on the day of arrival.

Why a Security Deposit: To meet the cost of cleaning of the rented premises if it has been neglected. To respond to loss or damage that may be caused to installations, objects, furniture or others. If no damage is noted after the inventory of fixtures of departure, the deposit is returned to the tenant when he leaves the premises. Otherwise, after calculating the amount of compensation for damage and replacement of lost items, the amount is determined by mutual agreement between owner and tenant. In the event of a dispute, an estimate will be made by a professional or an authorized body, requested by the tenant before his departure or failing that by the owner during the inventory of fixtures of exit. This deposit can in no case be considered as participation in the payment of the stay.

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