Vue sur le village de Saint Georges de Luzençon proche de Millau
Vue du village de Saint Georges de Luzençon en Aveyron
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Vue sur le Viaduc de Millau depuis les grands causses
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Causses & Vallées Vacances - Chalet village 12100 Saint Georges de Luzençon

Tourism near Camping Causse  Vallée Vacances

Aveyron has a strong identity and character, like the people of Aveyron! It is a place of well-being and true living where a remarkable quality of life reigns: a welcoming territory!

You only need to come once in Aveyron to have only one desire: to come back !

Aveyron Land !

It is a territory located in the south of the Massif Central, "the northernmost of the southern departments", which benefits from the southern climate.

With its landscapes, topography, light, natural heritage and regional skills, Aveyron is one of the few departments in France to have such an identity.

Very rich, it benefits from a natural and preserved setting.

Castles and Villages in Aveyron

Causses & Vallées Vacances in St Geniez de Bertrand is located in the south of Aveyron. A land steeped in history and traditions, where testimonies of the past
come from far away. Find out by yourselves while visiting the Templar commanderies or the most beautiful villages and castles in the area.

"Sacred Knights Templar"

How about we take a little step back 800 years! Back to the time of the Crusades. Here, on the Larzac, the monastic warrior orders - Templars and Hospitallers - have consisted of immense domains, protected by fortified commanderies.

The Knights Templar and Knights Hospitallers have left a strong mark in Aveyron and especially on the Larzac, present for nearly 150 years. As evidenced by the great fortresses of La Cavalerie, La Couvertoirade, Sainte-Eulalie de Cernon, Le Viala-du-Pas de Jaux or the fort of Saint-Jean d'Alcas.

Today all these Templar villages have been rehabilitated. They are a unique testimony. The ravages of the Hundred Years' War and their processions of marauders and other idle mercenaries led to the continuation of this fortification movement.

Castles and Villages

South Aveyron is one of the 1st departments in terms of the number of villages labelled “Most Beautiful Villages of France".

10 minutes away from Millau, the village of Peyre was one of the last members to enter the very closed club of the Most Beautiful Villages of France. Facing the viaduct, Peyre, famous for its troglodyte church, is worth a visit.

Further down the valley, by the Tarn, Brousse-le-Château is one of these other unmissable villages classified among the most beautiful villages in France. But we could still mention the pretty medieval village of Combret, in the middle of the Rougier, which is well worth a visit.

But it is obviously only a very small selection... and there are many more beautiful villages, here in Aveyron, that we will not fail to show you.

The Millau Viaduct

The highest bridge in the world !

The Millau Viaduct, designed by architect Norman Foster, consists of 7 pillars and 7 stay-cables. The height of Pillar P2, at the tip of the cable stay, reaches 343 metres, making it the highest bridge in the world! It is also the longest bridge in the world with its 2 km 460 suspended deck!

View of the Millau Viaduct
Overlooking Millau

The Millau Viaduct was inaugurated in December 2004 after three years of construction by Eiffage, which is also the concessionaire. It crosses the Tarn valley from the Larzac causse to the Red causse overlooking Millau. The Millau Viaduct is now one of the most visited "Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées".

View of the Millau Viaduct from the belvedere
visit and information

Guided tours are organised all year round in the info area of the Viaduct.
You will find models, films and many explanatory brochures on the construction of the Viaduct. You will even be able to access the inside of the highest stack!
Information: visit Millau Viaduct

Millau Viaduct Half Marathon
Viaduct Half Marathon

Every two years, in May, Eiffage organises a half-marathon which includes the crossing of the Viaduct in a round trip.
The ever-increasing number of runners, 11000 registered this year 2018, have said it is like floating in the air!
During this sporting event, we organise a "Pasta Party" for our runners!
Information: Eiffage Viaduct race Millau Viaduct

The Gorges and Valleys

The Gorges and Valleys closest to Saint Geniez de Bertrand are "Les Gorges du Tarn" and "Les Gorges de la vallée de la Dourbie".

The Gorges of the Tarn

Located in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Grands Causses, the Gorges du Tarn have been classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010.

The river Tarn rises on Mount Lozère, then descends to Millau by a narrow, deep canyon between the Causse Méjean and the Causse de Sauveterre. Many typical villages and castles dot this narrow road, as well as viewpoints such as the "Point Sublime" which allows you to admire this gigantic canyon often overflown by vultures. It continues its progression through the Rozier, a village at the confluence of the Tarn and Jonte rivers, a river that surprisingly rises above its source, the Aigoual massif and then continues its descent towards Millau.
Many hikes start from Le Rozier, the most famous of which is the Méjean cornices. The Tarn gorges have also seen the reintroduction of beavers. But only the trained eye of the naturalist can discern their burrows.

The Gorges du Tarn can be visited by car, bike, hiking and even by canoe!

The Gorges of the Dourbie Valley

The 78 km long Dourbie river rises in the Gard, on the Espérou massif. Then descends towards Aveyron via St Jean du Bruel and Nant, a pretty village of Celtic origin. It continues its progression towards Millau by flowing into a narrow valley separating the Causse of Larzac from the Black Causse.

This road is dotted with very pretty caussenard villages perched in the mountain (Cantobre, St Véran) and rocky chaos (Le Rajol, Montpellier le Vieux) offering a sublime panorama !

The river then ends its journey by throwing itself into the Tarn, at the entrance of Millau.

Caves and Avens

The creation of the earth is a recent memory on the causses. We feel that the rock has been mistreated, that there have been oceans, beautiful beaches and rains that have sculpted the limestone for millions of years. So many spectacular memories are to be seen at the edge of the causses...
It is a particularly rich and interesting underground world, a paradise for caving!

The Aven Armand

Aven Armand has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011.

100 metres below the ground of the Méjean causse, the emotion grips you as you arrive by funicular in a cave where Notre-Dame Cathedral would hold.
But it isn’t the size of this forest of 400 stalagmites and stalactites that strikes the most. In this "crystal forest" made of stone lace built over millions of years, the "great Stalagmite" with a height of nearly 30 metres rises, setting a world record.

Since 2014, Aven Armand has been offering you an exceptional sound and light show.

A visit to this underground geological cathedral is a must.
Information and website: L'Aven Armand

The Dargilan Cave

Located near Meyruès in Lozère, the Grotte de Dargilan was the first cave open to the public.

It is nicknamed "the pink cave" for its concretions and colours, due to a particular concentration of iron oxide which colours it pink, ochre, and saffron...
It is sculpted by impressive columns of stones draperies.
Over a kilometre, it offers a fantastic walk and leaves the visitor with an unforgettable memory!

A visit to this multi-coloured cave is a must.
Information and website: Grotte Dargilan

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